Veronica Wolthuis

Planning a wedding in Rexburg, while living in Northern Utah, seemed like it would be a challenge. Our daughter, Jocelyn, found the Pix and Flix website and viewed some of their sample videos and we were sold. Dave was FANTASTIC in every way possible. Dave was thinking ahead as he planned a 2 hour pre-wedding video shoot at the Rexburg Temple, since the Temple would close the day of our daughter’s wedding. Little did we know there would be 18 brides and huge crowds on the temple grounds. Dave took amazing video the night before the wedding which provided a feeling of the bride and groom being all alone at the temple. Dave shows ingenuity, patience, creativity, and humor in his thoughtful wedding video. Dave also did the impossible by including the 2:00 pm wedding day video and having it edited and ready for viewing at a celebration dinner we had at 5:00 pm. We were so surprised and pleased. Dave spent quality time at the wedding dinner taking additional footage so that the entire evening was also captured. We would recommend Dave and Pix and Flix without hesitation. He captured one of the most important days in our families’ lives so beautifully and cohesively. Dave’s experience shines in his videos. Thank you Dave! We are grateful.

Nadia Bowen

We can’t say enough great things about our experience with Dave and his business! I went to go buy ring for my fiancé and saw that he also did wedding announcements so I decided to go with him for that as well. When I saw the sample video he showed me I loved it and knew I wanted one! It wasn’t until i saw my own video that I realized how amazing and special this was. I still get tears in my eyes every time I watch it because the way that those memories were captured was priceless! We LOVE our video sooooo much and suggest everyone to go with pix and flix! You will love how unique it is with the music and personal touch! Our announcements were also outstanding! Dave is so quick and easy to work with! Such a pleasant experience!

Susan Farmer

I must admit, when my daughter said she wanted to have Pix and Flix do a video for her wedding, I thought that it was just one more expense. However, I only have one daughter, so of course, I said yes. Now that the big day is over, I have to admit that the video is my favorite part of everything. Dave did a great job of capturing Nate and Jenny’s personalities and the happiness they share being together. He has many creative elements he does with the video that keeps you entertained as you watch it. Dave came up a few days before the wedding and worked with our photographer to get the perfect shots. Then he came back on her wedding day to get even more footage after the wedding. Later that day, he arrived at her reception and set the video up so everyone could watch it. There was always a crowd huddled around the TV. We are so lucky to have Pix and Flix in our area. What a great memento of the perfect day! We have loved having the video to share with those who weren’t able to come and enjoy watching it over and over again. Thanks!

Randall “Snapper” Photography

“I met Dave of Pix & Flix at a wedding I did at the Rexburg Temple in July 2009. He was shooting the wedding Video and I was the wedding photographer. I was initially impressed with his professional and friendly manner, but thought his video production was probably going to be like most that I have seen in the past . . . typical non-story telling unimaginative video footage with music.” “My opinion quickly changed that night while taking photos at the reception, I saw a crowd gathered around a TV monitor laughing and wowing at what they were watching . . . it was the Pix & Fix production of the Bride and Groom’s Wedding that day. I was first impressed with the fast turn-around of the wedding video for the wedding reception guests to view. Then as I watched the video, I too was wowed by the overall photography quality, emotion, and creative special effects of the production which kept me looking forward to the next scene coming up on the video.” “I would like to have a company like Pix & Fix in the Salt Lake City area that I could absolutely and 110% feel comfortable with recommending as a videographer.” “Excellent and Phenomenal work Dave!”

Seth & Jen Nelson

Seth and I were watching our wedding video the other night and just wanted to thank you again for doing such a neice job. We were reminded of how cold it was that day and appreciated everyone’s patience with us and the weather. Hope your business is going good. We’ll let you know if we need anymore slideshows done. Once again you did an excellent job! (Sent in card 3 1/2 years after wedding)

Nolan and Barbara Boyle

If you are looking for a wedding videographer, don’t look any further than Pix and Flix. Dave did an outstanding job with endearing special effects, impeccable timing, priceless moments captured in unique ways, and much more. I would highly recommend him to preserve the memories of your special event. Thanks, Dave, for putting together a DVD which will be treasured for our entire lives!

Lori Calderwood

Dave, I just wanted you to know what a great job Ricky did for us. When we arrived to do the pre shoot at the Temple, it started to rain. We waited it out some and then went ahead and done some shots. The photographer was there also. So time was limited and some was done in the rain. But it all turned out great. Thank Ricky for being so patient and hanging in there. Other wise we would have not been able to get any shots we needed and we couldn’t come at a later date. Thanks again.

Emily & Gregg

Dave has given us the best gift we could have asked for. The wedding video he created captured the day, the mood, the emotions, and the absolute joy of families coming together to support us on our biggest day. We had several unique touches in our ceremony and Dave did an incredible job of highlighting them in our video. He takes the raw footage and turns it into a masterpiece. I called Dave with three weeks notice before our wedding due to my previous videographer canceling on me. Dave graciously said yes. Thank you Dave for the gift of a lifetime.

Steph & Bob Ferlan

Our wedding was amazing thanks to Dave. We have some great memories captured on video!! Dave was such a pleasure to work with!! We had so much fun making our video. And we love watching our video it is so amazing!! It was a long day and Dave stuck around for a long time capturing every moment. Pix and Flix is awesome and if you are looking for a videographer you should pick Pix & Flix. They are so much fun to work with and they do an amazing job!! Thanks Dave for everything it was awesome!! Steph and Bob Ferlan

Dan and Lesli

Dave did great! We were really pleased with the final product and are so glad that we had dave record that special day for us. It is going to be so nice to look back years from now and have something tangible to remind us. Dave was professional, but was still able to put us at ease.

Jeff & Chelsi Webb

Dave and his crew are absolutely amazing! We had the best time filming our wedding video. Dave is wonderful, & did a fabulous job capturing our special day. We are so grateful that he was our videographer! We couldn’t have chosen a better, nor more talented, person than Dave! Thank you so much Dave! We love our video!

Patrick and Ashley Sullenger

People kept suggesting to schedule a videoographer. I wasn’t so sure about the whole thing until I started working with Dave. He’s a great guy and does great work. We were totally thrilled with our video! I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything more! I would strongly suggest to go with Dave for your video, our video is something we will always have to remember our Perfect Day!

Monica & Paul Verlanic

We met Dave at a Bridal Show in Idaho Falls he showed us samples of his work, from that day on we just new we wanted a video of our wedding. Not only did we get married on a set of lucky numbers 7-7-7, but we got lucky in finding a very good videographer. We just love our Wedding DVD and so do are kids, and I am sure our grandkids and great grandkids will too. We have shared our video with many friends, family, and even neighbors. The DVD has many special moments and many creative special affects. Dave was very professional about his work, was never pushy, took his time and didnt do things in a hurry. We THANK YOU TONS DAVE for all the memories!! The VERLANICS

Kim & Jesse

Our video was amazing! We couldn’t have picked a better videographer. Dave and Curtis were easy and fun to work with. We are more then satisfied with our choice to have Pix and Flix as our videographer. Thanks Dave!


Dave, what can we say? Just thank you a million!! We absolutely love our video!! I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched it and we’ve been married less than a month. There are months and months of planning that go into a wedding and then after one wonderful day that part is over and it’s so nice to have something to remember it all by. Personally, I think that the most important thing in planning is making sure you have a good videographer and photographer (after you pick who of course!). It’s so fun to go back and see everything that happened and Dave catches it all, even the funny faces you pull at each other. He’s very easy and fun to work with. He’ll incorporate all the poses and things you want and then has a lot of fun new creative takes. Not only do we both love it, but so many people at both receptions commented on how fun and well done it was. Thank you for helping us capture the special feelings of that day forever!

Clarissa Meegan

I would have to say that one of the best wedding decisions we made was to have Pix and Flix film the big day. Dave was so fun and easy to work with—and caught many priceless moments that we can now remember for years to come! I also just finished watching my younger sister’s video and can only say that Dave’s talent, filming techniques and special effects only get better with time! Their video was absolutely stunning!

Chuck & Monica Pauley

When you only daughter is getting married you want her wedding to be perfect. Our daughter wanted a video of her wedding so that she could remember her perfect day forever. Dave was great to not only help our daughter with her wedding invitations (one of a kind), her wedding video is magic. The moments that Dave captured on tape are priceless. We are thankful that our daughter’s wedding was perfect and that the memories of her special day were captured in her heart and on her special wedding DVD. A must have for every wedding!

Montie and Cassie Carter

When I first heard of a videoagrapher I thought “what a rip! you spend that much money for someone to walk around with a camera then put it on a DVD! I could pay my cousin to do that!” My husband insisted that we get one. I went to a bridal show and there was Dave. I stood behind everyone and watched the demo that Dave had playing. After about 30 seconds, I was amazed and I knew we had to book him! After my wedding I was so excited to see the work that he had done. We got our video but life was so crazy at the time, trying to move and figure out our new life. After we had been married for about 4 months, we decided to finally watch our video. I was speechless! I looked over and even saw a little tear in my husband eye. Our video is priceless and something we will charish forever! Thank you so much Dave for helping us remember June 21. 2006!!

Linda Ward

When my daughter got engaged, I was overwhelmed with the many decisions that needed to be made. It was nice having one decision already made-I knew I wanted Pix and Flix Productions to do their wedding video. I had seen some of Dave’s videos and loved them. This turned out to be a great decision! We love Kara and Rilie’s slide show and wedding video!! Dave really caught the emotion of their wonderful day. This video will be a treasure for years to come. Dave is polite, accommodating and very fun to work with. He is very creative and has several unique shots that really make the video fun and entertaining to watch. The time we spent filming with Dave was great and will add many wonderful memories. We highly recommend Pix and flix Productions to anyone who wants the perfect wedding video! Thanks for everything Dave, you are great!!

Rilie & Kara Fry

This was a great choice for us! Dave Webster was easy to work with, fun, and friendly. We felt he did what ever he could to make our video unique and match our personalities. We both highly recommend Pix and Flix, we’re very pleased with the final product.

Corey & Ruth Rammell

We have nothing but accolades for Dave Webster and the great job he did for our daughters wedding. He bent over backwards and went well beyond expectations. He was hardworking and made the sessions fun for everybody. The video will truly be a family keepsake for many generations. Pix and Flix productions comes highly recommended by the Rammells. Thanks Dave.

Sheena & Adam Daniels

After being married for 2 years, we still watch our video on a regular basis! You did an amazing job of capturing the perfect moments on our special day! Nothing was overlooked and that’s what made it so great! Thanks so much for helping us store our day of memories & moments onto a dvd. I guarantee we will be watching it when we’re old and gray!

Caryn Johnson

When I was planning my wedding I knew that no one would remember the refreshments we served at our reception, I’d only be wearing my wedding dress once, and the flowers would wilt away. I realized that the most important part of our special day would be preserving the memories. After seeing Dave’s fabulous work done for a friend, I knew that Pix and Flix was the best choice to capture those memories forever. Tyler and I love, love, love our video! Dave was great to work with- he made sure everything was ready before the big day, did an awesome job shooting and working with our photographer at the temple, and the final product was amazing! Being able to play a slideshow & then also having pictures from our wedding at our reception was a special treat for us and our guests. If I could offer any future bride wedding advice, it would be to have Dave make a wedding video, because it’s something my husband and I will always cherish!

Kristin & Bryce

I can’t say enough good things about Dave and our video! Our wedding went perfect, we didn’t have the typical “catastrophes” that most weddings have. It is so great to have all our fun and ourtageous moments captured on video. I missed so many of them being the bride, you are pulled so many different ways but I was 100 % confident Dave would capture the fun stuff. Many many wedding venders around here are SO judgemental and/or hard to work with. Our wedding was FUN and it wasn’t the typical event and Dave fit right it. He was very easy to work with, very fun, and very helpful. He should double as an event planner! =) He helped us with many decisions and even gave us advice on doing what WE wanted, not catering around anyone else! Everyone loved the slideshow he put together for us of pics of us dating. He was honest and pleasant to work with. I would HIGHLY suggest getting the editing as he is SO creative and that is what MAKES your video so special! Our video is our most cherished pos

Adam & Kelsey

I met Dave and his wife in Idaho when they were filming a video for my cousin.The video was done for their reception and if it wasnt for the bride and groom the video would of been the center of attention. When we asked Dave and his wife to come to Canada to do our video they were so excited and so were we! When the day came as any bride knows as much as you want to forget everything and just focus on the wedding that was hard to do, but as the day rushed by I didnt ever worry about if there were enough pictures and video being taken, and they captured all the special moments and ones that I would never think to capture. Needless to say when we saw the video it too was the center of attention and conversation. So to Dave and his wife we will forever be gratefull to you because you gave us something we will have forever. Thank you.

Jeff & Emily

Dear Dave, We just wanted to thank you for being our wedding videographer. You did an amazing job & we absolutely love our video! We appreciate you taking your time & talent & capturing our perfect day. Jeff & Emily


Every wedding has to have at least one catastrophe and my wedding certainly wasn’t short of them! You’ve heard of Bridezilla- well that was me! I’m sure I drove Dave UP THE WALL for over 8 months trying to make sure that the slideshow and video for my upcoming wedding was going to be PERFECT! Well… nothings perfect, but when I watch my video- it looks that way! After all the trouble I’ve put Dave through, and all the grief I gave him- he still did his best work EVER on our video and slideshow. I love them both! My friends watch it and say “I wish I would have had a video made!” I’d have to say that choosing Pix & Flix’s services was the best decision I made when planning Justin and I’s big day. (Besides the choice to marry my husband!)