Packages & Pricing

Due to the complex nature of Videography it is difficult for us to have a set price. There are so many different things that are possible the cost of a video really just depends on what you want. Please call or contact us with any questions you have regarding our pricing.

Slideshow (Photo Montage):

Includes 75-80 pictures and 3 songs. We will make all of you pictures digital, take off dates, tears, scratches, remove red-eye and enhance the color. Then put your pictures to the music you provide with different transitions between them. Of course you can determine the amount of pictures and number of songs you would like. We have just found that the numbers mentioned above seem to keep the flow of the video at about the right timing.

Videoing Services:

Before your wedding we will sit down and help you plan out your wedding. We will discuss what events you would like captured and what the fair price would be for the time. We are NOT time Nazis’ we totally understand that things may not go exactly as planned and we’ll be fair with things.

Additional copies on Bluray or DVD:

We also have a 42″ Widescreen TV that is available to rent for your event. The cost is $75.00 for anywhere between St. Anthony to Shelly, for anyone out of this range the price will be negotiated. We will bring and set up the TV with a DVD player.

** Remember all prices may vary depending on type of service desired.**