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Storks 2016

StorksThis animated film explores the concept of gender, which were once thought to children who are now offering packages for Internet companies. But things get a little out of hand, when the type named Senior with children without permission under its control.


Classification: NA

General: 22 July 2016

Genre: Animation / Comedi

Opening hours: no

Distributor: Warner Bros. Photo

Starring: Andy Samberg, Grammer

Director: Doug Sveetland, Nicholas Stoller

Format: 2D

S StormFolloving fight against corruption in the first film, the director of the research unit of the ICAC Luk Che William Lim, decided to move its control following the control cases, which makes it Re: the danger zone and face the war his organization.

Language: Cantonese

Classification: NA

General: 25 July 2016

Genre: Action / Thriller

Opening hours: no

Availability: Lotus FIVE STARS

Starring: Louis Koo, Julian Cheung Chi-lam, Vic Chou, Ada Choi, Dada Chen Ching Lam Bowie

Director: David Lam

Format: 2D

Rode children moved out of the space. But for children, the best currency to fight to correct the error of children. I went at least once. Currently, transportation Internet giant global Junio ​​r Top companies manufacturing shipments, which will soon be encouraged when accidents Bebe making machines, creating a wonderful delightful and allowed all. Difficult desperately trying to establish the matter to the employer is wise, Junio ​​r and his friend tulip, the only person in Stork mountain race to be the first ever to have children – in nature and the discovery of a trip can make more than one family unit recovery mission real bike “in the world.


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